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Comparable Sales

Comparable Sales

Immediately assess and compare the value of stock with other recent off the plan sales, with our new Comparable Sales feature!

Simply select the Apartment, Townhouse or House & Land block and see other recent local sales based on stock type, proximity, size and price.

This data is up to two years ahead of standard ‘settlement-based’ sales data so take advantage of this powerful one-of-a-kind feature today!

Townhouse and House & Land Projects

Townhouse and House & Land Projects

Due to strong demand for both ‘Townhouse’ and ‘House & Land’ project stock you can now filter and search exclusively for these property types.

Simply select the location and price range that you’re seeking and then refine the search results by specifically searching for the latest Townhouses and House & Land projects.

Client Service and Support

Client Service and Support

Investorist provides extensive support services for our clients including telephone, email and web-based support. Investorist can also provide onsite and remote Consulting services

For general support needs or a training refresher please contact

Email: [email protected]
General support: +61 3 9018 9084

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