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Investorist is a two-sided B2B marketplace for off the plan property that connects developers and project marketers/lead brokers with real estate agents globally. Our network includes agents and advisors ranging from sole traders and small businesses to large-scale international companies with thousands of clients. Develop new long-term business relationships in both local and traditional international markets, as well as uncover demand for your projects in previously untapped markets. Investorist will help your business grow through new connections, innovative technology and a transparent marketplace.

The world’s largest network of property professionals

The Investorist marketplace can only be accessed by our network partners that have been vetted before obtaining access and pay a subscription fee to view your projects. This ensures your audience is highly engaged and actively seeking projects. As Investorist is closed network you always know who is viewing your listing and how often. Transparent reporting shows you in real time who are interested in your projects and where to direct your sales efforts. Our office network extends across Australia, China, South East Asia, the UK and the USA providing on the ground support throughout the world.

Keep your brand top of mind

Business relationships require high levels of service and nurturing to convert to sales. An Investorist listing ensures your brand and projects are top of mind with industry professionals. Whether you’re looking for brand new agents or just to reconnect with current contacts, there is an Investorist promotional package to suit your requirements and budget. Spend more time nurturing relationships and selling, whilst Investorist works around the world connecting you with the right professionals.

Automate your sales channel management

Our revolutionary technology seamlessly integrates with your business to increase efficiency and broaden your reach, so you can spend less time on admin and more time making sales. Investorist’s sophisticated distribution engine allows you control exactly who accesses what information keeping you in complete control. Inbuilt contract management system allows you to keep track of every sale including contract signing and deposit payments. Discover how Investorist’s software solutions can really take your sales automation to the next level.

Eliminate double sales and outdated information

Cloud-connected technology keeps your information secure and up-to-date, with changes reflected instantly-no more double-bookings! Your network can instantly access all project information, so you spend less time answering questions and more time making sales. Accurate, real time information eliminates double sales risk and will reduce your risk from inaccurate information.

Overcome the barriers of geography and language

Investorist can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world, including China where we have hosted our platform behind the great internet firewall. We translate your projects into Chinese with the option for Spanish and Portuguese. Allowing you to communicate with agents in their local language. Real time availability keeps you selling even when your sleeping.

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