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Industry leading off the plan project sales events for property developers and project marketers

Australian Connection Events

About Investorist Connection events

Investorist’s Connection events are the industry’s leading sales event for developers and project marketers. Meet top level property executives who service investors and foreign buyers seeking off-the-plan property.

Please note, our Melbourne and Sydney events were held in February 2019 and have concluded, please register your interest for future Melbourne and Sydney events, and we’ll be in touch when dates are released.

Generate online and offline leads and create greater awareness for your projects.

You’ll have exclusive access to our vast network of agents and have the opportunity to build relationships and make sales post event via the Investorist marketplace. You will also have the opportunity to pitch your company and project/s to the audience in a dedicated developer panel and at the beginning of the event.

This is an invitation only event with pre-qualified attendees to ensure that you’re showcasing your projects/s to the right people.

So, why attend?

Investorist Connection events act as an additional channel to drive project interest for your Investorist listing. Attending a Connection event will allow you have the unique opportunity to connect with and build relationships with agents selling off the plan property from across Australia in key markets.

  1. Boutique format
    More effective than a mass expo trade booth event.
  2. High quality
    Network with pre-qualified agents who specialise in selling projects and have buyers ready to purchase.
  3. Low competition
    The number of developers and projects are capped. No projects in direct competition, so you get the best value and the most attention.
  4. Unrivalled access
    Re-connect and transact immediately with the attending agents via the Investorist platform through your online listing.
  5. Proven track record
    Investorist have held 17 ‘Connection’ events globally and have connected hundreds developers and project marketers with leading agent networks around the globe. Past Australian events received a ‘9 out of 10’ rating from attendees and we often have a high level of repeat project sellers at our events as they are a proven way to drive sales and project exposure.
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"I think the content is where you exceeded our expectations, [also] the longevity of the agents staying and engaging with us. There’s not too many projects here and there’s enough time to actually speak to people. There’s quality in terms of the content of your presenters and I think a lot of people seriously enjoyed the panel at the end." "This is our first event with Investorist, we’ve been pretty impressed by the crowd you’ve brought on. For us to bring our four projects into the market as a developer and be able to access, 170 - 180 agents here today, has been hopefully a game changer for us. So we’re very happy."

Curtis Field - Aoyuan, Sydney Connection 2017

"I really enjoyed the seminar from Linkedin, IBuyNew and salesforce. Today gave me an idea of what business will be like in the future and how to sell property with today's technology.”

Henry Wei - APIC, Sydney Connection 2017

"We attended Investorist’s inaugural Sydney Connection event in October 2017. I am pleased to say we’ve had some very positive results. In first two months since the event, as a result of the agents we met with in Sydney, we have more than 10 deals confirmed, and have established strong, ongoing relationships with multiple agent groups we will continue to work closely with in the future."

Peter Coyle, Glenvill, Sydney Connection 2017

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Frequently asked questions

What is the event format?

These events are usually half-day events where project seller exhibit their current project/s to agents attending. The day usually starts with a guest speaker, which is followed by a panel discussion involving a representative from your company to give their insights on the state of the current market and an opportunity to pitch your project/s to the audience. Following this, we head into a networking session where agents can approach each developer to find out more information about the projects and book follow-up meetings.

Who should attend?

Investorist Connection events are the perfect place for project developers and marketers to showcase current projects to a room of leading local selling agents allowing you to fast-track penetration into key Australian markets such as Melbourne and Sydney.
In addition to the relationships established face-to-face, you can continue to flourish and add value to your business long after you've left via the Investorist platform. If you're a property developer or project marketer, these events are for you!

What can I expect to get from the events?

These events provide a unique opportunity to meet and grow channels, broaden your current network and deepen your current relationships. You will also be invited to be included in a dedicated developer panel discussion where you will have the opportunity to pitch your company and current project/s to the audience and give an overview of the local market you operate in.

How many other project sellers will be present at the event?

The number of developers and projects is capped at approximately three project sellers per state to deliver a healthy developer to agent ratio and keeping competition low.

Do you have speakers at the events?

Yes. Investorist organises a guest speaker to give a presentation at the beginning of the event who provides valuable insights to both agents attending the event and sellers exhibiting their projects.

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