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Case study: Marketplace and SaaS

The Client

MAB Corporation is a leading Australian property developer, delivering high quality commercial, residential, retail and industrial developments throughout Melbourne. MAB has completed over 40 projects, and has won multiple industry awards since launching in 1995.

Investorist Products and Services Used

  • Supply side membership
  • Marketplace listings
  • China Connection attendance
  • Portal – MAB branded
  • CRM system integrated with Salesforce

The Problem

Finding new channel agents was extremely difficult. Most were not listed anywhere, contacts relied on word of mouth, there was no reliable way of vetting an agent’s credentials or suitability, there were double sales and the process was extremely inefficient. Finding and working with overseas channels without a local intermediary was even more of a challenge.

The Solution

Utilising Investorist’s platform capabilities has completely overhauled MAB’s original channel operations; making the world’s marketplace instantly accessible, initiating conversations with potential partners and delivering considerable business efficiencies.


Increased sales capability and sales volume, relationships with VIP channel partners established in Australia and Internationally, reduction in administration.


Through Investorist we have significantly expanded our network of agents which has resulted in numerous local and offshore sales. Their software has made managing the volume of agents and complexity of our launch strategies efficient and effective.

Rob Rakusic, Sales Director Melbourne, Australia

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