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Case study: SaaS and other products

The Client

Ausin Group is a leading multi-disciplinary property and investment services business. Specialising in connecting buyers to international property markets, the company has 24 offices across the globe and 500 employees. Ausin Group are one of Australia’s highest volume sellers of residential real estate, and are very active selling into China, where they have 17 offices.

Investorist Products and Services Used

  • SaaS – Enterprise Portal (globally rolled out to 24 offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, UK and US)
  • Demand side membership
  • Marketplace listings


Ausin have implemented Investorist’s SaaS solution through their global network of offices and affiliates.  The solution is Ausin branded and integrated with Ausin’s custom Salesforce solution. With a 100% unified stock list of global property, Ausin can now manage all of their company and affiliate cross-border sales more quickly, seamlessly and efficiently.


Ausin have recently entered the US market and use Investorist’s Marketplace to find inventory throughout Florida and New York.

Through Investorist’s Marketplace Ausin have successfully gained access to several prestigious US residential projects and achieved (strong sales results) (In excess of X value in sales).


Investorist’s SaaS solution allows us to collaborate on multiple projects across our 24 offices in a way that was not previously possible.

Roger Nader, Chief Operating Officer, Australia

Investorist has really fast-tracked our penetration into the US market. In a very short space of time we have started selling into some of the best projects in New York and Miami.

Jean-Baptiste Rugiero, General Manager, USA

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