" One of the best initiatives that Investorist had set up at the Melbourne and Sydney Connection events, was the dedicated QR codes for each developer which linked directly to our project listing on Investorist. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about transporting dozens of brochures, floor plans, models etc to the events – a huge time-saving.

By giving interested agents instant access to the projects right there on their phones, I could maximize the value of my time by speaking to multiple agents at the events, rather than spending 20 minutes with every person explaining the same project details. Genius!"


" I really enjoyed both the Melbourne and Sydney events and interacting with the different crowds at each. The agents in Melbourne were very specific and very detailed in their questions about our projects, and it was obvious how well-established they were in the industry. I have now followed up all the contacts made there and am hopeful of sales eventuating from these new agent connections. Sydney agents did not show quite as much enthusiasm for the Melbourne projects but were still interested. As both projects are extremely well priced compared to Sydney stock, I expect there will be some sales eventuating from Sydney once we work on establishing these relationships over time."


" Mel and Syd Connection Events have been exceptional I have at least 25 appts set up from Mel. Syd to commence calls today but already 9 emails wanting appts and walkthroughs on the product. Investorist is surpassing expectations by putting the best of the best in one room to achieve maximum ROI, exceptional speakers, agents and content that make the experience even richer.

Sekisui House has seen a great uptake from these recent connector events and we really look forward to helping your channel partners exceed their sales targets by working with them to find every last opportunity we can for them. At the end of the day it’s about relationships, Sekisui House is here to be the solution.


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