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e-Commerce store for your company

Your very own online property portal complete with your company’s brand

Harness the power of Investorist’s software in your company
You’re in complete control of your listings, your agents and your advertisements

A solution is available to suit your company. From multinational corporations to single office businesses.

Connected to the Investorist Marketplace

With the click of your mouse access the Investorist Marketplace
Share your projects with other companies using Investorist’s software solution

Discover the power of listing your project on Investorist
Access the projects on the Investorist marketplace and make them available to your network.

Synchronises with your CRM

Seamlessly maintain the most important components of your sales program.

Keep price lists, availability, sales opportunities, reservation details, key sales partners, buyer details and so much more perfectly synchronised across your business-critical applications.

Leverage your company’s CRM system and workflows to push projects and property details to your portal.

Sales activities from your portal such as quick and full reservations, sales partner details as well as buyer details flow straight into your CRM opportunities and custom workflows.

New selling agents created in your Portal will automatically create a contact and account record in your CRM, so you can setup your marketing communications flows and manage commissions and top performing internal and external selling agents.

Automate your sales channel management

Our revolutionary technology seamlessly integrates with your business to increase efficiency and broaden your reach, so you can spend less time on admin and more time making sales.
Investorist’s sophisticated distribution engine allows you control exactly who accesses what information keeping you in complete control.

Inbuilt contract management system allows you to keep track of every sale including contract signing and deposit payments.

Eliminate double sales and outdated information

Cloud-connected technology keeps your information secure and up-to-date, with changes reflected instantly-no more double-bookings!

Your network can instantly access all project information, so you spend less time answering questions and more time making sales.

Accurate, real time information eliminates double sales risk and will reduce your risk from inaccurate information.

Overcome the barriers of geography and language

Investorist can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world, including China where we have hosted our platform behind the great internet firewall.

We translate your projects into Chinese with the option for Spanish and Portuguese. Allowing you to communicate with agents in their local language.

Real time availability keeps you selling even when your sleeping.

Regular updates and enhancements

Many of the world’s leading companies use Investorist’s software. There is no challenge we cannot take on.

Investorist’s software solution is constantly being enhanced with learnings from our marketplace, with many thousands of users.

Access the power and sophistication of leading global software in your organisation.

Training for your team, when and where you need it

Face to face training with an Investorist expert is available in USA, UK, China and Australia.

24hr phone and email support available for your company and your users.

Online knowledge database available 24/7.

There is a training package available for your company.

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