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What is Investorist?
A business to business sales platform, promoting and distributing off plan/pre-construction residential properties around the globe through real estate agents, financial planners, accountants and advisors. Investorist is one of the industry’s most innovative marketing tools, with a patent pending on four unique technological and marketing attributes.

Who uses Investorist?
Investorist is used daily by developers, agents and advisors and provides an efficient and transparent platform for conducting business. More than 7000 companies located across 25 countries use Investorist as an integral part of their business operations.

How is the platform used?
Developers / Sellers — Whether located in Manhattan, Manchester, Melbourne or the Maldives, some of the world’s leading developers and real estate brokerages list their projects on Investorist. These companies large and small, are selling units within new apartment/condominium projects or new houses within land developments.

Network Partners — Real estate agents and brokers, financial planners, mortgage brokers, accountants and advisors use Investorist to search for investment properties for their clients. The platform allows them to search for the exact property they require by price, location, size, completion date or other criteria. These Network Partners are the ‘who’s who’ of the off plan/pre-construction investment property market globally. They are major contributors to the volume of property sales achieved within this large and significant component of the real estate market.

In addition to its marketplace offering, Investorist also provides a complete Software-as-a-Service or SaaS solution. This is effectively an e-Commerce store for your company; your own online portal complete with your company brand. From multinational corporations to single office businesses, your company can harness the power of Investorist’s software to maintain complete control of your listings, agents and advertising.

Executive Team

Jon Ellis

Founder & CEO

Jon Ellis - CEO & Founder of Investorist

Jon Ellis is a property development marketing expert, who has developed and executed marketing strategies for over 80 property developments, including some of the nation’s most significant projects and new suburb creations.

Kathryn Hickman

Chief Operations Officer

Kathryn Hickman - Chief Operations Officer for Investorist

Kathryn Hickman has experience in litigation, commercial and property law. She is passionate about both the property industry and technology. Kathryn has been working with Investorist since its inception.

Rob Bacelic

Global Director, Investorist Concierge

Rob Bacelic, Investorist

Rob Bacelic has driven property strategies for a range of high net worth private companies and has held senior roles within Defence Housing Australia nationally.

Rebecca Zhao

Global Digital Marketing Director

Rebecca Zhao, Marketing Director, Investorist

Rebecca has over 12 years experience in international marketing with a deep understanding of local and global markets, especially regions such as SEA, EU and China.

Bernard Czaplinski

Financial Controller

Bernard Czaplinski, Financial Controller, Investorist

Bernard has over ten years experience in providing professional services across a broad range of areas including accounting, cash management, compliance, business process, risk and reporting. He has been working with Investorist since November 2014.

Sales Team

Richard Eglinton

Sales Director – Europe

Richard Eglinton, Investorist

Richard is passionate about property and has been involved in both the domestic and International property markets for more than 25 years. He specialises in growing successful sales teams and has extensive knowledge of many of the exciting property markets around the world.

Jason Chen

Sales Director – China

Jason Chen, Investorist China

Jason has 5 years working experience in overseas real estate and has lived in Southeast Asia and Africa. He is fluent in English and Mandarin and possesses an excellent knowledge in selling overseas property in China.


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