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Investorist is a B2B off the plan sales platform. We promote and distribute more than $25 billion off the plan properties to 9,000+ channel agents globally


Off The Plan Property

2020 COVID-19 Sentiment Report

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  • China has a population of 1.42b, the world’s second largest economy, 6.8% GDP growth in 2018 and controls 42% of the global E-commerce market 
  • China’s population has rapidly escalating wealth, and is increasingly interested in foreign property investment for a range of reasons both financially and culturally 
  • 78.6% of surveyed agents reported buyers from Shanghai exhibited the strongest demand for overseas property 
  • New markets Chinese agents expect to target in the next 12 months showed the US and the Golden Visa countries of Europe leading, followed by Thailand, UK, Australia and Japan 
  • 40.3% of agents reported that loan availability affected their clients’ purchase decisions, and 25.8% said it affected clients’ settlements
  • 'Children’s education’ was once again the top reason that Chinese buyers consider overseas investment according to 74.8 % of survey respondents 
  • 28.3% of agents said increased taxes on foreign buyers had ‘little impact’ on their investor demand 
  • Melbourne remained the top Australian city for Chinese investment in residential property 

About the report.

  • 85% of the off the plan property channel agents are doing it tough right now.

  • 46% could be on the brink of failure.

  • 64% of developers are prepared to discount to sell.

Insights from 216 property professionals to drive your business in the "New Normal" 2020

Understand what the future holds.

During the first nation wide lockdown, Investorist embarked on a national sentiment survey of the off the plan property industry.

216 property professionals representing a cross section of company sizes and locations participated. The Investorist team gathered statistical data, as well as conducting in depth interviews about current activity levels and future predictions for the off the plan property industry. 

The findings provide an insightful view into the industry's opinion on how the Australian off the plan property market is likely to perform during this pandemic and beyond.


Australian property professionals surveyed.

Australia wide

Members located in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth and Adelaide.


Developers and project marketers.


Agents and channel partners.

Learn where the market is now.

  • How far will prices fall?

  • How long with the market take to recover?

  • Who will be buying over the next two years?