House and Land developers are the fortunate minority in 2020

According to ABS, only 12% of Australian businesses are making money during the pandemic.   Further into property industry, based on the recent survey conducted by Investorist after interviewing hundreds of property professionals, only 35% off-the-plan developers can still meet their sales target for 2020 *.  

Who are among the 35%, where and what projects are they developing? 

This week Investorist had a chat with three land developers who have 1,000’s of lots in the market. It is no surprise that Jonathan, Jim and Beau are part of the fortunate minority of developers who are seeing their stocks moving fast in this market.  Investorist wants to find out with them: 

  • How this influx of buyers is effecting their businesses?
  • Is the HBG grant the real drive behind the influx?
  • What’s their strategy to prepare for the end of the incentives and keep selling?

Risland is one of the largest developers in the world. It ventured into Australia in 2016 with major land acquisitions in Sydney and Melbourne. One of its current developments Windermere Estate will become home to 5,500 people in the next 10 years.

New Style Developments is a boutique property development company based in Queensland.  Jim and his team develop boutique land subdivisions,  townhouses and infill projects.

Sightstone has been actively developing residential and commercial projects across Asia & Australia for the past 20 years. It has a successful delivery history of medium-density projects and master-planned communities in Victoria.

House and Land is booming and developers feel positive during pandemic from Investorist on Vimeo.

If you also have a successful story to share with us, please contact: and we’ll contact you for a conversation and may invite you to our next interview.


At the beginning of the pandemic, Investorist started a survey with hundreds of property developers, project marketers and channel agents in the off-the-plan industry to understand the impact of Covid19 on the industry. In August, Investorist released the The Off-the-Plan Property 2020 Covid19 Sentiment Report and it immediately becomes a must read to feel the pulse of the industry.


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