Who are still selling hundreds of apartments during the pandemic?

The Off-the-Plan Property 2020 COVID-19 Sentiment Report published by Investorist in August has seen a reduction in the activity of approximately 40% (excluding projects benefited from the new homes with the Home Builder Grant).  


So many of us have seen better days. 

Jon Ellis, CEO and Founder of Investorist, has been on regular touch base with developers who have current projects on the marketplace. He always asks them the following three questions to get gauge of what is going on in their business:

  1. What have your sales rates been over the past 4 months?
  2. Has your buyer profile changed?
  3. Has your strategy changed?

Surprisingly, he finds that there are businesses making decent sales or even at better sales rate during to the pandemic. There is certainly not the sort of doomsday prophecies shared by mainstream media. 

He decides to share these positive stories and experiences to let everyone know that sales are still happening and the right strategy and old fashioned determination works no matter what the external environment is.

Following Jon to find out the successful stories of Geocon and Macquire York during the pandemic and the strategies behind their sales success.

I’m hearing more and more positive stories | Market Update 20 August from Investorist on Vimeo.

If you also have a successful story to share with us, please contact us at editor@investorist.com and we’ll contact you for a conversation and may invite you to our next interview.

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