Selling Off the Plan? Why O2O (Online to Offline) is Essential for Success!

Melbourne Connection and Sydney Connection

Selling Off the Plan? Why O2O (Online to Offline) is Essential for Success!

In November, Investorist hosted its regular Melbourne Connection and Sydney Connection events, attended by hundreds of those cities’ leading off the plan selling agents, as well as a number of developers showcasing their new Australian projects.


People Buy from People

The overwhelming impression from watching the general buzz of interactions during the events, was the importance of face-to-face connections in the off the plan space. Whilst the exhibiting developers had their projects listed on the Investorist marketplace, giving them global exposure to the platform’s 25,000-plus users; nothing beats a personal connection and being able to ask questions directly to each project’s ‘subject experts’.

It is often said that ‘people buy from people’, and that given it takes time and effort to build the relationship of mutual respect and trust required for transactions to eventuate, the opportunity to connect with people in person and embark on a selling partnership cannot be understated.

The Origin of O2O

The term ‘O2O’ or Online to Offline originated in China, where Investorist has conducted business for almost four years through its team based in Shanghai, the company’s quarterly China Connection events, educational seminars and other programs.

Culturally the Chinese much prefer to meet the people they do business with face-to-face. Whilst they will do their research and perhaps make initial enquiries online, when it comes to making the important decision about which projects a team of agents will commit to selling, nothing beats meeting in person.  Additionally, Chinese people will rarely agree to a deal or sign a contract in the office or at the negotiating table at a first or second meeting.  Chinese people like to get to know potential partners in a social setting as well, preferably over a shared meal or drinks.  At Investorist this phenomenon of Online to Offline, is the reason our China Connection events, which bring together property sellers and buyers in one-on-one meetings, have been so successful in closing deals.

What Sellers Said

Investorist has had the opportunity to gather feedback from the developers taking part in the most recent Melbourne and Sydney Connection events in November.  Here are what a few of them had to say.

“From the Melbourne event, I personally made 50 new agent connections, and expect 5-10 will become genuine prospects for selling our projects”.

“Using Investorist is more important than ever in a soft market; in fact it’s as quiet as I can remember on the investor side.” Idris Jandga, Director, Signature Holdings

“From Melbourne Connection, I’ve identified at least four ‘A-grade’ agents I expect we will be doing future business with.”

“By giving interested agents instant access to the projects right there on their phones, I could maximize the value of my time by speaking to multiple agents at the Connection events, rather than spending 20 minutes with every person explaining the same project details.  Genius!”  Ben Langfield, Qld Sales Manager, Dennis Family Corporation

“Melbourne agents asked us very detailed, specific questions; it was obvious how well-established they were in the industry.”

Previously we’ve used our own internal sales teams to sell our projects. We needed additional channels, and Investorist and the Melbourne and Sydney Connection events offers the perfect solution for this”  Tom Maidment, State Manager Victoria, Village


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