Do you know the pricing ‘sweet spots’ for Chinese investors in your market?

Properties with that something special, like breathtaking views, or high-end amenities, will always hit a ‘sweet spot’ for investors, but what about pricing?

Investorist’s latest China 2017 International Property Outlook Report reveals a ‘sweet spot’ range when it comes to the optimally-priced stock for Chinese investors. If properties are priced too far below this range, the Chinese will assume that something is wrong with the property as it appears to be ‘too cheap’.

Undervaluing or overpricing properties will only deter Chinese investors from a project. The report uncovers the pricing ‘sweet spot’ range for Chinese investors in their top three buy countries: Australia, the USA and the UK. Also included in the report is the expected investment yield that Chinese investors are seeking, and what types of properties they prefer.

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