Investorist Live China Connection- why our clients can’t get enough

Investorist Live China Connection is an event that gets bigger and better every time we do it. In 2016 we went to China three times, including back to back events in September and October. It’s become so popular that the event is often booked before its announced, with developers and project marketers/brokers wanting to return immediately after seeing the results of their trip.

Three clients from the September event returned with us in October including Urban Activation from Melbourne and Crowngate International and Asia Gold from the UK. Also in attendance were MRCB from Malaysia and PRD Penrith from Sydney. The executives of China’s leading agencies met with the leaders of these companies for exclusive one-on-one meetings that took place in both Shanghai and Shenzhen.

For Joe McCormack, Founding Partner of Crowngate International, this was his third consecutive China Connection. When asked why he continues to return to China with Investorist, Joe said “the scope for business development is so impressive. The level of agents and broker companies we have met through the Investorist China Connection events has been incredible. They’ve provided us with an opportunity to promote our developments and build our networks, but more importantly produce sales for our global clients. We look forward to attending the next event.”

As we prepare for our next event in March 2017, which is set to be triple the size of the October event, we’re taking some time to reflect on what it is that makes China Connection so unique and valuable for our clients.

China: a stock hungry market

Ongoing volatility in China’s stock market, a lacklustre property market and the falling Yuan have led the Chinese to seek safe-havens for their cash. This has led to China becoming the fastest growing market for global residential property investment in the world. In 2015 the Chinese spent AUD $24.3 billion in offshore residential real estate, a number that’s expected to increase to AUD $301 billion by 2020.

Residential property is a popular investment choice as it opens the doors for migration to nations with prestigious schools and relatively stable governments and economies. Australia, the US and the UK are three of the most highly sought-after locations.

The desire for stock in these countries, as well as any that offer an investor visa program, is what drives agents from across China to attend the China Connection. It’s a large market to service, with one of the agencies in attendance boasting 30,000 sales agents in China and 34 sub companies selling property globally. As an agent, having a portfolio of high-quality developments in highly sought-after locations is essential to boosting business.

Breaking the barriers

One of the main barriers developers and project marketers face when trying to market their projects to China is the government restricted internet firewall. We’ve overcome this issue by hosting our site in China, completely translated to Mandarin. Whilst this is a fantastic solution to facilitating research and online transactions, the Chinese place a high value on meeting face to face and are renown for choosing to do business with people they know and trust.

China Connection carefully curates face to face meetings between both parties that have been vetted and matched to ensure their business goals align. These meetings establish trust and allow both parties to better understand each other in a way that’s not possible online. Translators also help! These meetings often then flourish into solid, long-term business relationships that can be maintained online.

We’re locals

Investorist has been a registered trader in China for over three years, with an experienced team of locals on the ground. This puts us in a unique position to assist developers and project marketers on understanding the intricacies of the Chinese market, the culture, getting around and how best to do business with Chinese agents.

If you’re looking to increase the number of networks you work with in China and partake in an immeasurably valuable business opportunity, contact for more information.