Q&A with Dan Sanbrook, Founder, Aztec Architects

Based in Western Australia, Aztec Architects was founded in 2012 by registered architect Dan Sanbrook and registered builder Tomas Briones. With decades of local experience, Aztec deliver fantastic results for their stakeholders through thorough market research, outstanding design and creative marketing. Their latest Perth CBD project Terraza 206 is yet to be released but has captured the attention of Investorist members this month. The boutique project consists of just 55 apartments within walking distance to Perth’s most prominent dining, entertainment and retail precincts. We catch up with Dan to find out what makes this project a stand out and why the Perth is looking like Australia’s new investment darling.

Here’s what we found out:

Aztec Architects has achieved a lot in a relatively short time frame (4 years), what do you attribute to your success?

Whilst we have only been around for a short time we have many years of experience working with some of Perth’s most well-known Architecture, Design and Property Development companies. We realised early on that the best way to succeed was to be very selective of our clients.

We only wanted to provide our services to clients that recognised the value of using qualified and experienced professionals and were aware that by doing so they would ensure an excellent outcome and return on their investment. We’re bringing exceptional value by virtue of the strength and depth of experience of our team.

Our focus has always been to ensure clear communication of the objectives and desired outcomes of our clients so that we can implement them with outstanding results.

What prompted you to start the company?

Aztec came about because Tom and I both saw the opportunity and had the desire to provide a unique service to discerning clients. We identified a gap in the market for qualified and registered professionals to create a team that made it easier for clients to achieve their desired returns and outcomes through a single company and a single integrated process.

What sets Terraza 206 apart from other projects at the moment?

Three things:

  • Terraza is a small boutique development in a sea of lumbering giants. Whilst the majority of new developments in the Perth’s CBD and East Perth areas are in excess of 100 apartments, Terraza only has 55. This project gives owners and occupiers a lifestyle advantage in that Terraza originates from a more community minded space.
  • Our price points are extremely competitive which means that investors will be able to purchase a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment at the best prices available in the city right now.
  • The third key advantage is location. Set within the Perth CBD, Terraza is literally walking distance to all of Perth’s most desirable locations. The river foreshore, the CBD shopping precinct, Perth’s commercial and business hubs, sporting facilities and prestigious schools are all an easy stroll away.

What’s the appeal for Investors to buy in Perth?

Perth is presently in a unique position in that we are at (or very near) the bottom of our property cycle, which means the only way is up. Compared to other states and their respective cities, Perth has a very low median house price, creating an opportunity for investors to secure something of great comparable value now and capitalise in the future.

Where do you see the WA property market 5 years from now?

Perth is an exciting and beautiful place, ranked highly on the list of most desirable cities to live in. There are a lot of civic and general infrastructure projects currently underway that will undoubtedly serve to make Perth even better in the near future. I believe that whilst there is a steady supply of new product coming in, there is also a steady supply of people wanting that product. Although the resources boom is supposedly finished, WA has a particularly strong resources sector and demand will only increase over time. Perth is very well positioned to embrace further expansion and census figures indicate that Perth is already on the way.

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