5 ways to boost your professional brand and increase connections

In business, your professional brand is at the centre of all that you do. It affects everything, and most importantly it’s how most people will decide whether or not to work with you. Investorist gives you the opportunity to build and boast your brand with seller and network partner profile pages. See below our top 5 tips for using profile pages to ensure you stand out from the crowd:

1. Explain your point of difference

The “Company Description” section of your profile page is your chance to let others know not only what your company does, but why. What are your company values? Do you have a unique approach to customer service or project development? Are you a global entity with wide-reaching channels or a specialist boutique firm? These are just some of the questions you should answer when distinguishing yourself from the thousands of other businesses on Investorist.

2. Keep your contact details up-to-date

This is the most important aspect of your profile.  If people can’t reach you, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities. Giving as much detail as possible also encourages potential businesses to contact you. For example, provide both a landline and a mobile option for people and a direct e-mail address rather than one that is less regularly monitored, such as “enquiries” or “info”. Most importantly, make sure whichever details you provide are current and you can  be reached.

3. Add pictures

It’s not news that visually appealing content grabs people’s attention more than a chunk of text with a default profile picture. Upload a high res version of your logo so it stands out in search results. Portal users can also upload personal profile pictures for each member of the company; putting a face to the name increases the chances of others remembering you.

4. Be specific

It’s important that you connect with people who work in similar segments of the industry. A large-scale developer or project marketer looking to sell stock in bulk probably wouldn’t be a good match for a boutique wealth creation agency with only a handful of current clients. In your company description, include examples of what type of projects you are looking for.

5. Respond to enquiries promptly

Your professional brand is partly derived from what people can see online, but it’s how companies act offline that truly cement or break perceptions. Responding promptly to enquiries shows that you’re invested in your business and eager to make new connections. On the other hand, if enquiries are left unattended it can reflect poorly on your brand and all that hard work put in to your profile could be for nothing!