New ways to do business – Sydney’s shift to channel sales

For those in the property game, the explosion of growth seen throughout Sydney from 2012 up until late last year was impressive. Growth spurts like this are years apart and when they arrive, they generate a great deal of excitement. Buyers and investors scramble to get in on the action, fearing they will miss out if they don’t buy immediately. It’s essentially a real estate rave.

As with any good party, however, there is a sombre and sobering clean up period during which we sit back and survey the aftermath. The guests leave and those that live and breathe in the space return to a sense of normality. There has been a hangover looming over Sydney lately as enquiries for property have slowed right down, meaning new projects won’t be able to ride the momentum wave. They’ve showed up to the party just a little too late and now they need to regroup and devise new strategies to create excitement and generate sales leads.

Investorist launched in Sydney during a boom, and we experienced the same problems that a lot of our network partners faced. Projects were selling so fast that developers and project marketers were having a hard time keeping up. It laid the ground for a strong B2C model to take place. There was no need to go through third parties, and share available commissions, when they could sell direct to the public at record high prices.

The thinking had become short term, immediate solutions. There was no need to create long term relationships that could result in multiple sales, because they were churning and burning through stock.

Company attitudes are quickly shifting, with corporations now seeking a strategy for long term sustainability and a diversified approach for generating results. Sydney is ready for the B2B model.

Companies must now consider utilising all stages of the marketing mix. This involves first opening up a project to a select few performers for a VIP period, creating excitement and a sense of exclusivity. This is followed by a push from internal sales teams to tap into their channels, opening the flood gates a little wider. Then, and only then, should it be released to the retail market. Investorist is set up to suit this model perfectly, ensuring a project’s success before it even reaches a typical consumer. It’s a no brainer for those wanting to generate sales, strengthen external business relationships and open up opportunities.

The Investorist Project Marketing Masterclass last year highlighted the issues associated with the quickly changing Sydney market, where our leading panel of property experts shared their secrets to longevity. You can watch the full event live here.

Investorist can be used privately to run your projects, as a business development tool to grow new professional relationships, and even to launch a project in multiple countries simultaneously. We also throw the best parties,  without the post-boom hangover.