Q & A with Tony Matthews, General Manager at Connekt Urban


What sets Kodo apart from other projects on the market at the moment?

Kodo is positioned in the geographical heart of the City of Adelaide, overlooking the central Victoria Square and is adjacent to Adelaide’s legal precinct. It has public transport at the front door and is within very easy walking distance to a host of fine restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other entertainment offerings including the world renowned Central Market and Chinatown. It really is at the heart of all that makes Adelaide a great place to live.

Kodo is also near to a range of Universities and private schools that are an attraction for international students.  Education is South Australia’s 4th largest industry and Kodo is already benefitting from demand from the international student sector. Kodo is affordable by Adelaide standards and very affordable when compared against eastern states such as Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, you can buy 2 apartments in Kodo for the same price as a similar apartment in Sydney in a comparable location.

How does Connekt Urban stand out from others in the industry? What’s your point of difference?

Our point of difference is that we don’t try to be all things to all people. Connekt is a specialist project sales and marketing firm that specialises in bringing off plan developments to the market. We act for a range of local, national and international developers on projects from 10 properties to over 2,000 properties.  These consist of apartment, townhouse, house and land, and land only developments. We are the only company in South Australia that operates across all of these fields and are regarded as the industry leading project sales and marketing organisation.

What made you want to get into the property industry?

Property is in my blood. My father had a long career with the Adelaide City Council as the head of their property development and management section, then later as South Australian CEO of the Property Council. Property has always interested me and it made sense to get as much knowledge as I could from him and then follow him in to the property industry. I have been involved in property for 32 years now and the last 24 specialising in “off plan” major apartment developments.

What do you think makes a good project?

Location, location, location!  It is an old saying but it’s definitely on the money. In this regard, Kodo is probably the pick of the Adelaide apartment market at present. Sensible design, affordability, relevance to the current market and offering product that people want to buy are absolutely essential. Pricing obviously is one of the single biggest factors, buyers need to be comfortable they are getting fair value for money.

Too many times we see projects that have been designed without enough research being conducted or where a product that has worked in another market is brought in without suitable testing being undertaken to ensure its success.

What are some of the biggest ways technology has changed the way you work since you started in the industry?

The changes in the way we operate have been massive over the past decade. Over 90% of our enquiries are now generated through websites, blogs, social media, etc. In many cases we can now sell property without ever meeting the purchaser as they could live thousands of kilometres away.

The ability to market to people all around the world at the same time,  with live video presentations nationally and internationally, and being able to communicate instantly are all areas where technology has changed the face of our business. Investorist is a great example of this, through our property portal we can instantly update our Channel Partners across the globe in real time as sales are made or a new project comes to the market.

What do you think lies ahead for the South Australian market?

The South Australian market is showing some very good depth at the moment. Sales enquiry rates have lifted significantly over the past 6 months as have subsequent sales rates. Developers, both national and international, are seeing Adelaide as a very serious investment opportunity.

The South Australian market is being underpinned by around $5 billion in infrastructure and major project spending within the city boundaries, along with a comprehensive programme by the South Australian Government to bring residents back into the City. Combined with consistently high population growth and high yields for residential property, we see a strong future for property sales and investment for a significant time frame.

If you’d like to know more about Connekt Urban Projects or Kodo, contact Tony:

Email: tony@connektup.com.au
Phone: 0411 751 828