Top 5 habits of highly successful Investorist traders

As we bring in the new year, most people try to better themselves and improve on the previous year. This is why new years resolutions exist, as we aim to set new goals for ourselves with the intent of achieving them in the year ahead. If your goal this year is to improve sales, extend your sales channels, or develop more business contacts, then you should adopt the following habits of highly successful Investorist users. We’ve found that Investorist users who maintain these habits see the best results from their membership or listing.

1. They engage with other members

One of the benefits of using Investorist is the ability for network partners and developers to communicate directly, no middle man, no emails back-and-forth. Members can simply message each other directly through the platform. Successful Investorist traders use this to their advantage by regularly checking their messages, and responding promptly to enquiries. Enquiries may not always lead to new business right away, but responding promptly establishes a good starting point for what could be a future business relationship.

2.   They attend networking events

Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to make new business connections, and meet online connections in a more personal and relaxed environment. Investorist holds up to 10 events a year, including panel discussions, learning events, project launches, and networking drinks. They’re all a good time to meet others working in the same industry, and many attendees have made new business by attending. To see what people had to say about our latest Melbourne event, watch our highlights video.

3.  They make the most out of the Investorist technology

Investorist can be used in so many ways, and successful Investorist users think outside the box to explore the possibilities. One such user, Jalin Realty, used the live stock list to launch their latest Melbourne project in Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore simultaneously. By displaying the project on large TV screens at each launch event, Jalin created the auction day excitement and buzz necessary to get their project off the ground flying. Approximately 30% of the stock was sold in one night, and similar results are available to anyone willing to use the platform to its full capabilities. Read more about Jalin Realty’s global launch strategy here.

4.  Developers and master agents ensure their products are competitive and up to date

The projects on Investorist are all of a high standard, with successful listers knowing that the key to getting interest in a project is to ensure it is competitive with others on the market. This means information and availability is up to date, it’s in a good central location, commissions are at or above industry standard, and it includes excellent resident amenities. By doing this it also means our network partners can excel in their industries by presenting their clients with only the best projects.

5.   Network partners understand what their client wants and matches them with the best properties

Investorist is a global platform, which means there is an almost endless amount of new projects to browse at any given time. However too much choice can sometimes lead people to consider the options less carefully, only going for the newest project or the highest commission. Take advantage of Investorist’s search parameters and global portfolio of projects to really zero in on the perfect project for your client, and they’ll be sure to come back when their investment pays off.

And remember the Investorist team is always here to help you get the most out of the platform, so call our support team in Australia, China or the UK or your local sales representative directly at any time.