Investorist responds to customer demand for US property and braves the second largest snow storm in New York’s history!

We’ve packed our bags and we’re ready to make our mark in the USA! After customer demand for US property, last week Investorist Founder Jon Ellis, along with Board members Benni Aroni, David Tarascio, and other key Investorist staff, landed in Miami. The team will be there for just under a month, travelling from Miami to LA, Chicago, and New York.

It’s been a while in the making, but we finally made the move after growing demand from our members and other property investors. While Investorist prepares to release a new China Report for 2016 (you can view last year’s here), we found a lot of Chinese agents were looking to the USA for investment properties for their clients.

While Australia is currently the leading destination for Chinese property investors, the USA is close on its heels with over 8 states occupied by Chinese capital. Despite recent policy changes, such as the new FIRB restrictions to overseas investors in Australia and the tightening of EB-5 program in the USA, less than 5% of those surveyed thought this would affect property sales in 2016.

The report also found that in the roller coaster Chinese stock market of 2015, high net worth families in China invested mainly in two things: Exchanging their Yuan to US dollars and investing in overseas property.

As a member-focused company, we’re excited to start delivering more of what our members want to see. As part of the Investorist USA tour, Jon spoke at the Property Portal Watch conference in New York. The conference brings together leaders from the top property portal companies around the globe, who exchanged views on what 2016 holds for the online real estate industry. Jon’s presentation was about “New Developments and Why Portals are Not Usually a Key Part of the Sales and Marketing Puzzle”. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet others in the property portal space and highlight the benefits of our portal product.

Jon at PPW

Jon Ellis presenting at the Property Portal Watch conference in NYC

Luckily the team arrived in New York the day before the second largest snow storm in history! The storm wreaked havoc, shutting down the airports and even the roads and railways in New York city.

Stay tuned for more updates on our expansion to the USA and keep an eye out for our China Report 2016.