Investorist helps Lianjia extend their networks overseas

As the off the plan property industry continues to globalise, more and more real estate agencies see the opportunity to deliver projects from across the globe to their clients. One such agency is Lianjia (also known as Homelink), China’s largest real estate agency and a member of Investorist. Earlier this year Lianjia made the decision to start marketing UK projects after increasing demand from buyers.

The Investorist office in Beijing organised for Lianjia to go to the UK in October and meet with the Investorist UK team. Gabriel Shen, Director of International Operations at Lianjia, brought his team over to gain a broader understanding of the area and meet directly with some of the nation’s leading developers. Over three weeks the team met not only with developers but also mortgage brokers, property lawyers, and asset managers across London, Manchester, and Liverpool.

Gabriel Shen

Gabriel Shen, Director of International Operations at Lianjia

Investorist covers a wide range of stock in London, and were therefore able to convert the online connections Lianjia had made through the site into an offline networking trip. Lianjia gained access to an established network of developers and new projects to start working with immediately.

Mr. Shen found the three-week trip extremely lucrative, commenting that  “Investorist is helping us expand our overseas business very quickly… It connects us directly with developers and their high-quality residential projects”. It’s a feat not easily achieved, especially for a company managing over 26 offices in China alone. “Linajia is continuing rapid growth”, said Mr. Shen, who says establishing these key relationships are integral to that growth “and most important to our expansion into the UK and North America”.

Since the trip Lianjia’s sales figures of UK property have increased exponentially. With stock in prime central London, as well as various commuter locations across the South East and in the North West, the agency is poised to establish themselves in 2016 as a significant overseas seller of UK property.