Investorist’s first ever China Roadshow!

Investorist Live landed in China last month for the first time. We held a China Roadshow in the two largest Chinese cities, Shanghai and Beijing, during the week of Oct 19-23.

Just like all the Investorist Live activities in the past, the first ever China Roadshow is all about having face-to-face meetings, getting connected, and building business relationships for the future. Three top developers from Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia and a well-established law firm joined the Investorist delegation. The half-day seminars were attended by more than a hundred agency companies in Shanghai, and nearly seventy real estate agencies and migration agents in Beijing respectively.

At both seminars, leading Australian development companies, Salta, World Group, and Blackburne presented their best and latest new projects, attracting attention from a huge range of channel groups they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The rooms buzzed with excitement as network partners received information they had previously found hard to access and got a sneak peak of yet-to-be-launched projects in Australia. The developers and law firm were flooded with enquiries after the presentation, with business cards almost falling out of their suit pockets.

Marcus Buskey of Oliver Hume presented the latest project from World Group, Dusit Thani Brookwater Golf & Spa Resort, and was surprised at how quickly and effectively he was able to connect with so many Chinese agents at once; “We’ve got access in a very short time to some very influential Chinese businesses”, said Marcus. He continued, “Had we tried to do this on our own it probably would have taken us 5 years, possibly more, to get to this level of clientele.”

Blackburne, the largest private development company in Western Australia, successfully got Perth on the map for hundreds of Chinese agents for the first time. These agents have been selling Australian property for a long time but have only seen Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane projects. A Shenzhen-based agent, who flew down to Shanghai specifically for the event, signed a contract with Blackburne on the spot. Kate Wang, owner of Jiayu Realty,  had clients enquiring about Perth but had no resources in the region until being introduced to Blackburne. She saw a project that was exactly what her client was looking for and also reserved on the spot.
Jarrad Sizer, Director of Development at Blackburne, said “We had some good meetings and will hopefully secure some strong sales channels moving forward” and thanked Investorist for our “ongoing support in helping to build the brand of Perth and Blackburne in China.”
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After both seminars, the Investorist China team made one-on-one introductions and meeting arrangements for the Australian developers. At the Shanghai seminar, Marcus Buskey of Olive Hume presented the latest World Group resort project in Queensland and received a strong commitment from a local agent who promised to sell half of its stocks before end of the year.

In Beijing, twelve local agent companies stayed for hours after the seminar to have further discussions with the developers. Among them was Lianjia (also known as HomeLink), one of the largest Chinese domestic real estate companies with more than 2,000 retails shops and around 50,000 sales people across the  country. Since the beginning of this year, Lianjia put overseas property at the forefront of their business focus and became a member of Investorist immediately. With its great capacity to sell, Lianjia was really excited about the new multi-level project in Melbourne launched by Salta. Both parties had a fruitful business talk during a couple of “Happy Hours”.

Nick Golusin, Director of Residential Development at Salta, found it incredibly valuable to connect with so many agents at once and was grateful to Investorist for the opportunity. “China is filled with agents and we can’t connect with them all in one go. This event gives us that ability, to speak to them all, to show them our product and sell the apartments in the most effective way” said Nick.

Michael Lanyon, founding partner of Logie Smith Lanyon Law Firm, was surrounded by Chinese agents for further consultation about commission protection and real estate agent licensing issues after he gave his presentation at the seminar. Mr. Yu from Global Visa, which is one of the largest migration companies in China, said “ It’s a really great and helpful idea to invite a lawyer for such seminars, because it answered a lot of our questions that we have been asking for a long time.”

Many agents told us that nowadays in China “O2O” is the most popular method of communication for property platforms. It means from Online to Offline, to enhance face-to-face connections and business relations made online. The Investorist Live China Roadshow is doing just that by connecting Australian developers and Chinese channel partners in such a direct, effective and informative way. They are looking forward to participating in more Investorist Live activities in China in the future.

After such great feedback we’re already planning for the 2016 China Roadshow, so if you’re a developer or law firm stay tuned for how you can participate.