Q & A with Crown Realty International Founder Luke Vaughan


Crown Realty International are a global success, so we sat down with the Founder Luke Vaughan to discuss business and technology.

What sets Crown Realty apart from other companies in the industry? What’s the key to your company’s success?

Well, that’s normally a secret… But the truth is we have great mentors. We have grown this business in the shadow of some very successful property giants such as Iwan Sunito and Roy Marcellus from Crown Group, John Wong of Verve Real Estate, Ross Lightfoot of Brookfield, Deborah Provost and Tyler Scott of DP Project Marketing, Tony Vallone of Innova Group, Adrian Parsons of Total Property Group and Corey Gilmore at Raptis Group, people you want to deal with and respect.

Our core belief is in “fair exchange” so it’s been easy for us to grow our partners and continue to get great results. We understand that developers need to sell their product profitably and agents need to receive a fair commission for their work, and importantly, there needs to be something left on the table for the buyer, ensuring the buyer a quality property at a fair price. If anyone in this process doesn’t receive their fair portion in the deal then it costs all stakeholders in the long run. When everyone feels there has been a fair exchange it paves the way for repeat transactions which is a huge component of our business, developers and retail clients alike. What enables us to honor this philosophy is a combination of integrity, continuous education and a great team that embodies our values.

We believe that every transaction has to begin with a good foundation where there is mutual respect and trust that all stakeholders are acting mutually to ensure a great outcome. At the end of the day, what is good for our clients, being our network partners, developers and retail clients, is good for us. We’re a brand built on our reputation and being steadfast in this philosophy, even if that means giving up business we believe won’t allow us to deliver on this commitment.

Who are your clients?

We’re partnered with key developers and select network partners locally and specifically throughout the Asian market which has been the fastest growing division in our business. Providing high-quality product and exclusive marketing opportunities is key to keeping partners and retail clients happy. With that said we are always looking to find new relationships with companies that share our philosophy

What do your clients look for in an investment property?

Location, Quality, and Price. It’s always a combination of these three factors that results in the level of interest we’re able to attain. We put a lot of effort into consulting with developers to put a project’s best foot forward when it’s launched, but some things like location cannot be tweaked. As such we’re picky about what we like to engage with and we make no apology for that since it’s with our retail clients’ best interests in mind that we have adopted this stance.

Since starting in the industry, what are some of the most significant changes you’ve witnessed?

Technology and its influence on the pace with which information can be exchanged. This has been a key factor in our success as a small dynamic property firm. Platforms like investorist have been game changers, creating a level playing field for groups to communicate their message quickly to their target audience where this was not possible before. We’ve entered into an information rich age where buyers can access unparalleled levels of information at the touch of a button that they never had access to before. Understanding this dynamic and how to leverage it to our advantage has been critical to our success. 

You’ve achieved a lot of success in just a few years in the industry, what drives you? Why are you passionate about property?

Our clients and seeing the result of what we assist them with is its own reward. I personally started Crown Realty International with the vision to assist as many people in securing their dream home or a great investment as possible. The key players that have joined our team and made Crown Realty International what it is today genuinely resonate with that vision and really enjoy the company culture that we have developed which I’m proud to say is very unique to any other property firm that I have been involved with.