Jalin Realty use Investorist to launch new project overseas

Last month Jalin Realty launched a new $84 million project, located in Melbourne, simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.The strategy for the pre-launch was to create ‘the excitement of auction day’ in each location, and thus stimulate maximum buyer demand and competition for apartments. Buyers and agents were invited to live launch events in each city, hosted by Jalin staff.

The Investorist website displayed all project information (photos, plans, brochures, price lists, reservations updates, videos, etc) on both large TV screens and computer monitors.  A ‘live electronic sales board’ showed reservations immediately to the entire audience, so all sales were transparent with the country of origin shown.

The five simultaneous events resulted in reservations of approximately 30% of the stock, which within a few weeks were converted into contracted sales. “The auction day hype and excitement definitely assisted in driving demand and ensured spirited competition for apartment stock in each location,” said Ian Chen, Jalin Realty International chief executive.

“We were able to get accurate and real-time feedback from buyers, and determine which apartment size and type was most popular in which country, information which is of significant value to the developer for both current and future projects,” Chen said.

If you would like to know more about Investorist and how we can help you create these types of events for your next project, enquire now.