What China hosting means for Investorist members

Fast access to project availability, documents, images and reservations inside China through cninvestorist.com and China hosted portals (All Investorist portals now can have a China hosted option) that synchronises with investorist.com and any white label portals.

Why is this important?

Accessing international websites including investorist.com within China is subject to on demand screening by the Golden Shield Project (also known as the Great Firewall of China). It dramatically slows down each page’s loading time.

Our solution

By hosting the platform within China, the Golden Shield Project is able to review the site periodically and therefore significantly reduce the interference with page loading. It also allows large documents to be uploaded outside of China and then synchronised over time for faster downloads within China.

Cninvestorist.com and China hosted portals also optimise the synchronisation of stock availability to minimize the risk of double sales.

How does it work?



For a user, now the experience is seamless as both cninvestorist.com and investorist.com appear exactly the same, as do the international and China hosted portals.

Behind the scenes, a highly sophisticated technology called Azure Cloud Services and Windows Communication Foundation is used to keep both websites secure and in sync. We are able to deliver this service through our hosting partner Microsoft Azure.

Contact us for more information on how a China hosted portal could streamline your international business.