Break the barriers of distance with Investorist Live’s hybrid events

What is a hybrid Event?

Investorist’s hybrid events stimulate excitement around a project. Present your project to 100’s of potential network partners locally and globally using technology to break down the barriers of distance. Never before seen in the property industry these events create a real sense of urgency.

Cutting edge technology allows more opportunities

Cutting edge technology allows more opportunities


  • Investorist hybrid events are held in the evening (5.30 or 6pm) in the middle of the week.
  • There are only 2 spaces available per month so they do book out.
  • The event can be held at either the developers office or preferably at the project display suite.
  • Both development and sales staff should be in attendance.
  • All presenters wear microphones and there is a roving mic for audience questions.
  • Presentations should utilise powerpoint or similar and must be provided to Investorist 3 business days prior to the event to be prepared for splicing into the presentation.
  • Smart chat technology is used to collect questions from the online audience, similar to ABC’s Q&A program and they are answered live on the night.
  • Investorist staff are on hand to manage the door and facilitate introductions.

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Pre-Event Promotion

  • Online Ads on
  • RSVP Page on
  • Event to cycle as a feature project
  • Specific event invitation EDM to 1,200 members – EDM also supplied to Developer agent database
  • Reminder in fortnightly property alert to 1,200 members
  • Support team to call through all agents that engage with the EDMs
  • Key Investorist relationship staff to personally invite their key agents

Developer Obligations

We will require from the developer:

  • Venue – allowing setup 24hrs prior to event
  • Internet access with upload speed over 4mbs – if this is not possible we can use wireless however it is sometimes less reliable
  • Preparation of powerpoint – Powerpoint must be finalized 3 days prior to the event to allow insertion into online slide pack
  • Presenter – preferably CEO or similar Architect may be beneficial
  • Catering
  • Host to record attendees
  • Management and relationship team to be
  • in attendance
  • Support with agency invites

Post Event 

The Investorist relationship team will follow up all attendee’s and gauge interest. We will provide a personalised introduction email to all parties that express interest.


Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.