Investorist Hybrid Event: Kokoda Property’s 8 Montrose St

Last night we hosted our second successful hybrid event – Kokoda Property’s prelaunch for 8 Montrose St. The exclusive event provided our members with detailed project information and the chance to network amongst the humming crowd.

If you’re new to Investorist and don’t know what a hybrid event is, it is basically the combination of a seminar and a webinar, in which Investorist members have the option of attending the actual event or streaming it live from the comfort of their own home or office. With a good proportion of our members located internationally it is important for us to host this option as well so they can engage and ask questions despite the distance.

The launch was hosted in the display suite of the development in Hawthorn East – which looked absolutely phenomenal. The design has an industrial chic feel playing on the urban elements of the suburb. The display suite is yet to be released to the public, giving Investorist members not only the first look, but exclusive access to the project for their clients, with at least a two week advantage.

The presentations kicked off at 6pm with Kokoda Property director, Mark Steven and the sales and marketing manager, Sam Tucker as well as the architect Carr Design Group’s, Chris McCue presenting to the full room. Mark briefed the room on Kokoda Property and Sam talked about 8 Montrose St’s key selling points, being the prosperity of the location and high quality finishes of the luxe apartments. Chris gave a particularly detailed overview of the 110 apartment development design, citing that it is set apart from other buildings due to its large variety of floor plans on offer and that very few residences are identical with each offering personalised views of Hawthorn East’s sights. As discussed last night, all project details can be found on Investorist at 8 Montrose St’s project page. Please log in to view.

It was great to open up for questions at the conclusion of the presentations to spark and facilitate transparent communication between the Kokoda Property team and our members. Our international online attendees proved to be the most inquisitive though with an abundance of questions filtering through! Chatter continued after question time, giving the developer, architects and Investorist members the chance to network with one another. The room was buzzing with chit chat and talk of 8 Montrose St filled the air. The engagement and feedback from all at the event was really uplifting with many stating how informative it was, we look forward to hosting another hybrid event for our members early next year. Have a flick through the photos below!

We would really appreciate some feedback about last night’s event. Please leave your thoughts on our LinkedIn account.