Why is China embracing Investorist?

Why is China embracing Investorist?

Chinese agents are embracing Investorist because Investorist increases their profitability. Investorist also helps overcome obstacles faced by Chinese agents in terms of language and culture, and market knowledge. 

Language and culture

The language and cultural barriers are the biggest obstacles for many Chinese agents when dealing with Australian developers and head agents especially when no relationship currently exists.

Investorist helps to overcome these barriers by opening up communication channels and creating a virtual meeting place where Chinese agents can be introduced to Australian developers/ head agents. We also use human translation services to translate Investorist content to Mandarin and Rebecca Zhao our International Marketing Manager is a native Mandarin speaker.

Market knowledge

Lack of knowledge of the domestic property market – which suburbs are hot and why? is another major hurdle Chinese agents face when dealing in Australian property. This lack of knowledge fuels the focus of Chinese buyers on CBD apartments as opposed to boutique apartments in trendy suburbs.

To assist our members navigate through the Australian market Investorist has recently partnered with RealEstate Investar – Australia’s leading provider of property data to access detailed suburb data, displayed conveniently next to the property details.

The volume of projects available and the access to exclusive projects not yet available to the public means Chinese members now save time sourcing Australian stock and can concentrate on what they do best – customer relations and making sales.

It was great to hear our Chinese members say that they are reducing administrative spending and improving business efficiency because Investorist has all the essential documents in one location as well as live, up to date stock lists and the ability to instantly reserve property.

If you would like to know about how Investorist can further help you expand your Chinese agent network call us on +61 (3) 9018 9084 or email support@investorist.com